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                                             MATTRESS DEPRESSION

The vacuum mattress is manufactured in PVC and equipped with a valve and inside there is polystyrene foam.
Extracting the air from the inside, the polystyrene is compressed around the body of the patient, becoming rigid. In this way the mattress immobilizes the body preventing any type of movement.
Opening the valve, the entry of air inside, decompresses the polystyrene, returning soft.
The valve is located on the outside to avoid causing any discomfort to the patient.
The vacuum mattress must be kept away from sharp objects, because its tear causes the entry of air, making it unusable.
They are produced in three versions: with and without reinforcements and for veterinary use.
CAUTION: Do you provide electric aspirators for decompression.

Art. 504

Vacuum mattress with reinforcements 214X88 cm.

Art. 505

Vacuum mattress 203X94 cm.

Art. 506
Vacuum mattress for veterinary 60X30 cm.
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