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The mattresses and / or water cushions for aesthetic use are made of polyurethane fabric.
And 'the meeting place par excellence for a highly technical and functional to a real possibility of spa treatment.
The water mattress can be used with cycles of cold water or heated water cycles, up to a temperature of 37 °, without altering the characteristics of the material, to give an enveloping warmth, regenerating mind, body and spirit.
Ideal for massage in chromotherapy.
The mattresses are equipped with a filling valve with the relative coupling for easy filling.
The mattresses and pillows for aesthetics are customized according to the needs of the customer, according to the reference structure. You can provide drawings, measurements and / or samples to be played.
The water mattresses for aesthetics can be of different versions: a single piece or multiple pillows which form a single mattress.
IMPORTANT: Avoid contact with any sharp objects or sharp (earrings, bracelets, knives, etc.) as they can cause cuts or punctures.
WARNING: do not provide facilities.


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