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The Telo Srl is one of the most innovative companies operating in the medical market.
In over thirty years of experience and activities, this dynamic company is in fact carved out a role in the foreground in a niche market that, although manned by strong Italian and international competitors, he quickly acknowledged and rewarded the efforts of commercial and product innovation that has been able to offer.
The experience has allowed the The Telo Srl to range from the production of mattresses and other aids for the decubitus hospital and aesthetic use, to the production of articles for at therapies and for rehabilitation offering a wide range of products of the sector.
In addition, the company's ability in PVC processing has enabled the production of other items such as beds and pillows massage indicated for beauty and well-being, both in manufacturing various aesthetic-medical items such as depression, body bags, etc., is in a more generic such as covers of outdoor structures.
We guarantee the quality of our products using PVC materials and polyurethane, all certified CE, paying attention to details and finishes.
Thanks to a remarkable capacity synergistic in the research and development The Telo Srl has been able to be with the customers and their various needs.
This has enabled the company to manage all phases of production and quality control of the finished product offering, in this way, a perfect combination of product safety, quality assurance and commercial dynamism.

Continuous research, product innovation and process, coaching and customer service are the cornerstones of the strategic choices that the Telo Srl has made since its establishment

• The firm The Telo Srl remains available to all processes concerning PVC materials, within the possibilities and business capabilities.
• Every idea provided the Directorate will be evaluated and discussed in order to verify the design and realization.
• Any request for sampling will be done in a short time, if you can and suespressa customer's request.




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