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A system against pressure sores in patients bedridden or in a wheelchair for a long time, is not only beneficial, but essential to use a mattress or pillow bedsore.
The main characteristic of the anti-decubitus materials is their ability not to adapt, that is not to be "crushed" by the weight of the person, so that the pressure between the skin and the plane of the bed (or wheelchair) never exceeds the value the closing pressure of the capillaries.
To achieve this effect it is equally important that the body weight is uniformly distributed on the support base.
The products in themselves are not capable of causing or hazards to impact and abrasion going to contact the members of the patient.
The weight and the division into sections, however, guarantees easy handling in movements.
The mattresses and pillows bedsore can be water or air: For the latter it is necessary to adopt a device for compressor operation.

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